1 Day Bathroom Remodel | Payless Bath Makeover

In As Little As 1 To 3 Days
Bathroom Remodels

Replace Your Old Tub or Shower with a Sleek,
Sophisticated Upgrade in One Day

What We Do In As Little As 1 Day

  • Protect All Existing Areas & Remove Old Bath Systems Including Tub or Pan.

  • Install Waterproof Denshield + Killz For Highest Level Of Mold Resistance.

  • Replace Drain & Install P Trap. Our Package Includes Heavy-Duty Drains & Overflows That Match Our Quality Bath Fixtures.

  • Replace The Valve. Our Pressure Balanced Valve Accurately Maintains Shower Temperatures.

  • Install Shower Pan Or Replacement Tub & Wall Surround.

  • Apply Eco Friendly Triple Seal System. Our Premium Mildew Resistant Silicone is Low Odor & Fast Curing.

  • Install Bath Fixtures & Selected Accessories.

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Payless Bath Makeover Advantage

Create space and comfort in your home with a clean, elegant, and more enjoyable bathroom. Our team of specialists at Payless Bath Makeover will ensure that with your new bathroom, you can expect better days ahead!

  • Say goodbye to grout!
  • Low maintenance
  • Resists mold, mildew, and bacteria growth
  • Certified factory-trained installers
  • Antimicrobial materials
  • Payments as low as $97/mo
  • Lifetime durable product
  • Premium styles & colors. Matching pans available.

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