5 Revolutionary Ideas for Bathroom Remodeling in Los Angeles

In home design, it pays always to be updated when it comes to comfort and efficiency, and the bathroom is a good place to start. Do more than your usual bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles! Take up some neat new ideas that will give your bathroom an edgy yet comfortable feel to it. Read on for some ground-breaking tips to make your bathroom look and feel better.

bathroom remodeling Los Angeles

Factors for Innovative Bathroom Remodeling

Several aspects can make your bathroom more efficient and revolutionary. Here are some factors you need to consider to give your bathroom a 21st-century feel:

  1. Maintenance

Selecting quality finishes that are easy to clean not only saves money and time; it also extends the remodel life of the bathroom. For instance, get easier-to-clean quartz or granite countertops instead of those made of marble. You can also opt for grout-free bathroom surrounds that don’t require harsh chemicals to maintain. Finally, secure customized glass doors that conform well to the design of your tub or shower area for easy usage.

  1. Water/Energy Efficient

One of the largest selling points for homes is energy savings. With rising costs of utility bills, it pays to have largely efficient systems for your home. Purchase materials such as LED lighting, insulated windows, and low flow toilets and faucets to save tons of energy in the bathroom.

  1. Bright Lighting

This will make the bathroom appear larger.  In addition, having enough lighting will show off the innate beauty of the space. Make your bathroom appear larger by:

  • Adding windows in the room.
  • Placing lights strategically throughout the room.
  • Selecting surfaces which reflect light.
  1. High Accessibility

If your older folks stay with you, you need a bathroom which they could use without any difficulty. If they insist on using a tub, purchase a walk-in tub for their convenience. This way, they no longer have to strain their body when getting into bathing position.

  1. Reliable Contractor

A crucial element in your renovation is the Los Angeles bathroom remodeling contractor you choose. Unless you’re quite the handyman, opting to do all of this yourself is risky. With an experienced and professional remodel expert, realizing all the innovative ideas for the bathroom becomes more efficient and cost-effective on your part.

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