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Bathroom Design Tips for Big Families from Your Los Angeles Bathroom Remodeling Contractor


Having a large family can mean tons of fun, but when you only have one bathroom to share with all the kids, teenagers, and grown-ups, it can quickly turn into chaos. Tired of tripping and bumping into each other during the morning rush? Take it from your Los Angeles bathroom remodeling contractor —all it takes is a one-day remodel and a few design tricks to create a beautiful, peaceful bathroom that won’t feel crowded for your big family.


Let’s Talk About Your Bathroom

Here at Payless Bath Makeover, we begin every project with a free consultation. Think about the problems you’re having with your existing bathroom. Some common issues for large families are:

  • Not enough storage for everyone’s toiletries
  • Layout feels cramped
  • Limited counter space
  • Mirrors are too small
  • Too many spaces that go unused

Together, we will brainstorm ideal solutions that fit your needs. Not sure what you want for the makeover? Our expert designers will be happy to recommend ideas for the project, including the layout, furnishings, color combination, materials, and more.

Bathroom Design Tips for Big Families

Consider these tips for an efficient bathroom the whole family can enjoy:

  • Have a Storage Strategy

When you have several people using one bath, the amount of toiletries can quickly create a huge mess. Keep things neat by being strategic with storage. Instead of piling baskets on the floor, consider adding cabinets higher up on the walls, or use free-floating shelves and cubbies. You can also assign a specific storage color for every family member to make the bathroom easier to organize.

  • Rethink Your Sink

Expand your sink area with two sinks or a trough sink. A larger sink space will be able to accommodate more people at once, and it’s also quicker to maintain and clean.

  • Protect Your Walls with Wall Surrounds

Children can be rough on bathroom walls, especially when they’re playing in the bath or rushing around trying to get ready all at the same time. We recommend protecting your walls from scratches and dents with wall surrounds or wainscoting. As a bonus, our wall surrounds are resistant to mold and mildew, anti-bacterial, and come in a wide range of textures and colors to suit your style.

  • Expand the Space with a Shower Remodel

Bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles is the perfect time to get rid of your old, grimy bathtub and open up your bathroom at the same time. Frameless showers are elegant and offer the illusion of more space, and you can also upgrade your showerhead with cool features such as massage and hand-held function.

  • Keep it Low-Maintenance

Spend more time bonding with your loved ones and less time cleaning the bathroom by switching to the right materials. Our top-of-the-line acrylic bathroom furnishings are durable, resist bacteria build-up, prevent mildew, and don’t need grout. Add the lifetime durability guarantee, and you’ve got a bathroom that stays as beautiful and clean as the day of the makeover.

Let’s Get Started with Your Bathroom Remodel!

Say hello to a better bathroom for your big and busy family! In less than one day, we can finish the bathroom remodel and bathtub replacement in Los Angeles for minimal downtime — you’ll be enjoying your brand-new bathroom before you know it! Set your appointment and schedule a complimentary consultation by calling us at 888-389-9955!

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