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Compact Space Design Ideas from Your Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Los Angeles


Limited space should not hinder you from having a stylish and sophisticated bathroom. As your trusted bathroom remodeling contractor in Los Angeles, Payless Bath Makeover can make even the smallest bathrooms look and feel appealing. Take a closer look at our renovation process and space-saving strategies.

A Customized Makeover

Your dream bathroom makeover starts when you call us. We will schedule an appointment in which our experts will come to your home to survey your bath space. They’ll measure the room, listen to your makeover vision, and consider any fixture adjustment you have in mind—be it shower replacement or a tub conversion in Los Angeles.

Our bathroom remodeling solutions include:

  • A wide selection of innovative, low-maintenance plumbing fixtures
  • Custom-fit shower tubs and bases
  • Custom-fit accessories (e.g., shower seats, grab bars, etc.)
  • Customized granite or quartz countertops
  • Materials that are resistant to moisture, mold, mildew, and bacteria
  • The latest colors, styles, and bathroom design essentials (e.g., tiles, paint, wallpapers, etc.)

In addition to establishing your fixture adjustments and material selections, our renovation solutions will also determine the strategies we’ll employ to make your bathroom look and feel more spacious. Here are some of them.

  • Using pedestal-type vanities – These are the types of vanities that are attached to the wall. We recommend using one that has a single shelf, so you’ll have a small storage unit in addition to freeing up floor space for other bath items.
  • Replacing glass dividers with shower curtains – Glass dividers are permanent bathroom fixtures; shower curtains are not. Using the latter instead of the former is a great way to free up space.
  • Adding a towel bar on the door – Here’s a frequently used space-saving tip for bathroom design in Los Angeles. Instead of mounting the towel bar on one of your bathroom walls, we will install it on your door. It will give you more space for your bath accessories and storage units.

Our remodeling solutions are tailored to every client’s needs and preferences — and may still be subject to adjustments depending on your feedback and budget. Once the fixtures and placements are set, we move on to the bathroom’s design.

Striking, Space-Conscious Design

Every inch matters. This is our mindset when remodeling bathrooms with limited spaces—not only when it comes to its fixtures and furnishings, but also when it comes to its accessories. To make the most of the available space without cluttering it, we use interior design techniques that play with size and boundary perception. They include, but are not limited to:  

  • Covering a bathroom wall with a striking wallpaper – One of the best ways to make a small room look bigger is to make one of its walls visually interesting. We recommend a wallpaper with a bold and vibrant design.
  • Applying a strategic tile design – This strategy aims to trick your eye by playing with the boundaries of perception. We tile the side of your bath and its wall with the same design to make it difficult to distinguish where each begins and ends.
  • Using wall-hung accessories – Decorating your bathroom with floating fittings is an excellent way to max out space. Since they occupy wall space, more of the floor is seen, which can make any space seem more spacious and easier to clean.

Even the smallest bathrooms can be stylish and sophisticated with clever bathroom designs and smart finishes.

Don’t Let Limited Space Confine Your Bathroom Design

Whether you prefer a modern look or traditional detailing, there are plenty of ways to pack a punch without taking up too much space. Get the bath makeover of your dreams with Payless Bath Makeover. As experts in fast, efficient, and affordable bathroom renovation solutions, we can help you make the most of your limited bathroom space in just 1-3 days.

Rely on your trusted bathroom remodeling contractor in Los Angeles. Fill out our contact form today to get a complimentary consultation or call us at 888-389-9955!

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