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Make Cleaning Easier with Bathroom Remodeling in Southern California


One of the most popular concerns about bathroom remodeling in Southern California is how to have a shower that’s easy to maintain. Southern California weather tends to be humid, and bathroom cleaning can be stressful. Having to go through extensive grout and checking for mildew is twice as hard during hot days. So take the opportunity to have an easy-to-maintain bathroom during your next remodel.

Make Cleaning Easier

How to Get Your Dream Bathroom Makeover

Be sure to follow these bathroom remodeling hacks so you will have an easier-to-clean bathroom!

  • Use quartz for the countertops.

Sink countertops are one of the areas you need to clean often. Use quartz – a material that appears like stone, but less prone to stains and scratches.

  • Get rid of frames on the shower.

As part of your shower conversion in Los Angeles, remove the aluminum frames around the shower doors. The frames usually attract gunk and grime, which require scrubbing hard to clean. By taking away these frames, you can easily wipe down the shower glass wall to clean it.

  • Install a wall-hung toilet.

Wall-hung toilets are an excellent choice for small bathrooms because the bowl and actuator take minimal spaces in the room. Wall-mounted toilets bring a modern look in any bathroom and allow fewer pattern breaks on the floor and walls. In addition, since the toilet is mounted on the wall, it becomes much easier to clean around the fixture.

  • Have wall-mounted faucets.

Similar to the sink and toilet, wall-mounted faucets tend to gather dirt at their base. With wall-mounted faucets, you can just wipe them with soap and water. The mixture will fall-off instantly.

  • Choose a modern exhaust fan.

New models of exhaust fans not only clean mold and mildew; they also keep your walls free of moisture. Moisture is the number one culprit for wall surround deterioration, so getting an exhaust fan can save you money for remodeling.

An Easy-to-Clean Room, Once and For All!

You only get to renovate your bathroom once in a while, so opt for a more cleaning-friendly setup. If you need guidance in remodeling, like a shower installation in Los Angeles, we’re more than willing to help.

Payless Bath Makeover has been remodeling bathrooms since 1985, so you can expect us to provide the perfect bathroom for your needs. Fill out the consultation form on our homepage now for the bathroom remodel you deserve!

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