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Protect Your Bathroom from Water Damage with Expert Tub Conversion in Los Angeles


Is your bathroom floor feeling a bit soft in some spots? Are your shower walls starting to warp? You may be dealing with hidden water damage. Not only are these effects unsightly, but they can also pose risks to your health and affect your home’s structural integrity. Eliminate this problem while beautifying your bathroom with a tub conversion in Los Angeles.

Beware of These 4 Signs of Water Damage

The highest water usage happens in the bathroom, which poses a risk to the floors and walls around it. Mold and mildew can form as a result of moisture seeping under the shower basin, shower liners, and walls. These eventually create wood rot.

Unfortunately, water damage develops slowly over time, and it stays unnoticed until the situation has escalated beyond repair. Below are four signs of water damage to keep an eye out for:

  1. Recurring Mold and Mildew

Accumulated moisture due to low-quality waterproofing, decaying grout, and broken tiles can result in mold and mildew. Note that these grow inside out, so they’re difficult to remove even with a thorough scrubbing.

Recurring mold and mildew can also make your bathroom smell damp and musty despite repeated cleaning. Their presence on bathroom surfaces is a major sign of water damage.

  1. Gaps between the Grout

Gaps between your tiles, tubs, and caulk can be a red flag for water damage. These spaces happen due to wood rot from mildew, mold, and excess moisture in the walls and subfloor.

  1. Warped Walls

Water can soak into the drywall, which creates bubbles and causes swelling. These lead to warping and breakage. Wood’s susceptibility to water damage is one of the reasons experts on bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles prefer quartz and porcelain panels for bath spaces.

  1. Spongy Floor

Subfloors made from wood are vulnerable to water damage and wood rot. Over time, you’ll start to feel your floor getting softer and spongier. If left unresolved, this can cause your entire bathroom flooring system to collapse.

Once water damage has settled in, it can be frustrating and expensive to fix it on your own. It also presents biohazards that you may not be equipped to deal with safely.

Since the shower stall is one of the areas that get the most moisture in the bathroom, it’s highly susceptible to water damage. The good news is that this is easily resolved when you hire bathroom remodeling professionals.

Tub Conversion as a Solution to Water Damage

Turn water damage into a golden opportunity with bathroom remodeling in LA! Investing in a tub conversion in Los Angeles fixes water damage as it involves:

  • Using grout-free bathroom materials
  • Using mold- and mildew-resistant materials to prevent wood rot
  • Replacing warped shower walls with beautiful, durable bath wall surrounds
  • Replacing old, broken fixtures with high-quality ones to prevent leakage
  • Replacing spongy floors with stable, long-lasting flooring

Aside from solving your present water damage problems, bathroom remodeling contractors can also stop these issues from reoccurring.

Call Payless Bath Makeover for Your Bathroom Remodel

Count on Payless Bath Makeover for top-quality tub conversions and other premium bath space solutions. As your bathroom remodeling contractor in Los Angeles, we can turn your dream bathroom into reality in days, not weeks!

Start your project ASAP, and enjoy these perks:

  • $100 OFF on Floor or Vanity
  • $100 OFF on Additional Work
  • $500 OFF on Second Bath
  • $589 Add-On Value, including curved shower curtain rod, soap dish, safety grab bar, and a 2-shelf caddy

These four bonuses are worth up to $1,289 in total value! Call us now at 888-389-9955 to learn more about our bathroom remodeling promotions and specials. Set your appointment and schedule a complimentary consultation today!

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