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Simplify Bath Space Maintenance with Your Expert Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Los Angeles


Cut down your weekly bathroom cleanups with the help of your trusted bathroom remodeling contractor in Los Angeles. Minimize upkeep tasks with smart material selections and strategic conversions. Let us make your bath space easier to maintain!


How a Remodeling Contractor can give you Low Maintenance Bathroom

You don’t need an extensive, complicated renovation to turn your bath into a lovely, low-maintenance space. Our remodeling experts can simplify your upkeep routine by:

  1. Remodeling Bath Walls with Quartz Panels or Wall Systems

Bathrooms with tile walls are difficult to keep clean due to grout. Not only does it accumulate mold and mildew, but it’s also a hotspot for grime, germs, and bacteria. Our remodeling experts can solve this issue by replacing your tiles with stunning, grout-free bathroom panels. We offer two kinds: Acrylic or quartz.

All our bathroom panels are superbly durable, impervious to moisture, and easy to maintain. Their solid-surface design not only minimizes the gunk-prone areas of your bath but also adds a unique aesthetic to your space. Take your pick from our diverse selection of panels that feature various styles, colors, finishes, and designs.

Both options offer beauty, strength, and durability, and they’re engineered specifically for use in the bath and shower area. These options eliminate grout forever! Grout can crumble, and cause leaks, and harbors mold. It’s a grout-free system, no more sealing the grout, or using harsh chemicals to clean the grout!

  1. Eliminating Grime-, Mold-, and Mildew-Prone Fixtures and Areas

Aside from grout, gunk can also accumulate in the plumbing, fixtures, and tight spaces of the bathroom. We can prevent this with smart upgrades. Take your pick from our wide variety of mold-, mildew-, and grime-resistant tubs and showerheads. Customize your tub or shower surrounds with quartz or porcelain panels.

Interested in a tub conversion in Los Angeles? Let our team handle the job. We offer custom-fitted acrylic bathtubs that are resistant to damage, discoloration, germs, bacteria, and dirt. Our bathroom remodeling specialists can get the job done in as little as days, not weeks!

  1. Recommending Easy-to Clean Plumbing and Storage Arrangements

Toilets, sinks, and storage units require top to bottom cleaning. You need to make an effort to reach and wash their back parts as well. On the other hand, plumbing fixtures and storage systems that are mounted on the wall leave little spaces for cleaning.

Don’t want a wall-mounted toilet? We suggest getting a skirted toilet as it is less likely to accumulate dust and gunk. For sinks, opt for a wall-mounted faucet. Since it doesn’t have a base, it won’t gather dirt and gunk after a few days.

Invest in floating shelves or a strategically located wall storage during your bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles as well. We can install storage systems that use vertical space to avoid overwhelming the floor and reducing the places you need to clean.

Payless Bath Makeover: Bathroom Design Experts You Can Trust

Spend less time maintaining your bath and more time enjoying it. With Payless Bath Makeover, you don’t have to wait long to experience the joys of a gorgeous, low-maintenance bath space. We only need days—not weeks—to finish a remodeling project.

Let your expert bathroom remodeling contractor in Los Angeles turn your dream bath space into a reality. Call us now at 888-389-9955 to schedule a complimentary consultation!


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