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Solve Grout Problems with Your Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Los Angeles



Don’t let dirty grout keep you from enjoying your bathroom! As your trusted bathroom remodeling contractor in Los Angeles, we will transform your bath space into a more beautiful, easier to maintain, and grout-free facility. Never worry about grout again with Payless Bath Makeover!

The Problem with Grout

Typically made of plaster or mortar, grout is used to fill in the gaps between floor tiles or walls. It is porous, so it quickly absorbs moisture and dirt. The result is stained, unsanitary outlines throughout the bathroom. When left on its own for long, grout can lead to:

  • Mold Buildup – Bacteria gets trapped in the tiny pores on the surface of the grout. This eventually turns into mold, which is a Class 1 health risk.
  • Tile Damage – Grout absorbs moisture easily. As your bathroom’s structure contracts and expands with heat, the grout can crack and cause leaks and broken tiles.
  • Ugly-Looking Bathroom – Grey or yellowing, stained grout makes any bathroom look old and dirty. It makes the space an unpleasant place to spend time in.
  • Money and Time Wasted – Cleaning and re-grouting by yourself is a difficult, time-consuming process. Fixing grout also requires expensive tools such as safety glasses, oscillating multi-tools, and shop vacuums. Without the right skills, you can do more harm than good to your bathroom.

Why spend all your time and effort on solving grout problems when you can leave the hard work to the experts? Secure Payless Bath Makeover’s professional bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles. We will make sure that you never have to deal with grout again!

The Grout-Free Solution for Your Bathroom

All our products here at Payless Bath Makeover —from our showers and wall surrounds to our quartz panels and other bathroom features—are completely grout-free. However, this doesn’t limit the wide range of styles we can do for your project. Love the look of tile or textured wall panels? Trust our remodeling experts to do it for you!

Our products also come with these amazing benefits:

✔  Resistance to mildew, mold, and bacteria

✔  Resistance to normal wear and tear

✔  Easy to clean and maintain

✔  Anti-microbial properties

✔  ADA-compliant systems

✔  Unmatched Lifetime Warranty for your total peace of mind

✔  Premium patterns, styles, and colors

Aside from grout-free designs, we also offer shower redesigns, wall surrounds, tub conversion in Los Angeles, and other bathroom remodeling services. Feel free to share your ideas about your dream bathroom, and we’ll do our best to turn it into a reality.

Enjoy a Grout-Free Bath Space with Payless Bath Makeover!

Never wait long for your brand-new bathroom when you choose us as your bathroom remodeling contractor in Los Angeles! Payless Bath Makeover specializes in remodels that take as little as days —not weeks— to complete. This is made possible through:

✔  Design guidance to help you choose the right styles, colors, and materials

✔  Precise measurements

✔  Exact budget details down to the last cent

✔  Expert remodeling techniques

✔  Highly experienced team

Experience our fast remodeling solutions in LA for yourself. Call Payless Bath Makeover at 888-389-9955 to set a complimentary consultation today!

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