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Surprise Your Loved Ones with a Brand New Shower with the Help of Your Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Los Angeles


If your existing bathroom always fails to deliver in terms of functionality and aesthetics, then it’s time to consider remodeling your bathroom.  Give your loved ones a pleasant surprise with the help of your bathroom remodeling contractor in Los Angeles!


How to Redesign Your Bathroom

A newly remodeled bathroom is the perfect surprise for your significant other after a long, stressful week at work. Here are simple tips on how to give your loved ones the bathroom that they deserve!

  • Select the right size for your walk-in shower

Usually for shower conversion in Los Angeles, the space to be vacated by the tub makes up the shower space. If you have a small tub, you can increase the space a bit. The standard floor space of a shower stall measures 30 by 30 inches. Bathroom experts, however, recommend a 36 by 36-inch setup.

  • Install better bathroom surrounds

With many wall surrounds available on the market, you can make your bathroom look sophisticated at a reasonable price. Choose one that complements the bathroom and improves on its style. In addition, consider the taste of your loved one and choose bath surrounds that you think would best appeal to them.

  • Install ceiling-to-floor mirrors

Do a vanity upgrade. Installing new mirrors will make the bathroom look bigger and give it a classy effect with little effort on the remodeler’s part.

  • Do last minute checks before wrapping up

To make sure your significant other is thoroughly impressed, you need to check on a couple of things. Check if the framing has mold and mildew. Also check the existing pipes if they’re overdue for a replacement.

Guaranteed that your loved ones will have the biggest smile on their faces once they step into your clean and fully functional bathroom!

Design a Bathroom that They’ll Treasure

Just as you invested in your house, so should you invest in upgrading its rooms. Through shower conversion in Los Angeles, you can surprise your loved ones with a walk-in shower that’s easy-to-clean and pleasing to the eyes!

At Payless Bath Makeover, we can do tub to shower conversions – and vice versa – at the most reasonable prices. We offer ONE-DAY bathroom remodeling in Glendale, CA and nearby cities. Fill out our contact form now to schedule the shower conversion you’ve always wanted!

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