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The Average Costs of Bathroom Remodeling in Los Angeles, CA


The bathroom is both a personal sanctuary and one of the most-used parts of a home. As such, bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles, CA tops the list of popular home renovations. Aside from improving the looks and comfort of the space, it also offers a solution to mold and mildew, warped walls, water damage, and other bathroom issues.

Despite the benefits of a bathroom remodel, budget concerns can get in the way of the project. Many homeowners worry that it’s too expensive, especially with the kind of bathroom they genuinely want.

Get a close look at average bathroom renovation costs, and how Payless Bath Makeover can help you stay on-budget while delivering your dream space!

Average Costs of Bathroom Remodeling in the US

According to Remodeling’s 2019 Cost vs. Value Report, homeowners typically pay $20,420 for mid-range bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles and across the US. This usually involves a 6-by-8-foot space with ceramic tile floors. The cost includes the following upgrades and more:

  • A cultured-stone vanity top with molded sink
  • Standard chrome faucet
  • A mirrored medicine cabinet
  • A 30-by-60-inch white fiberglass tub
  • General lighting and spotlighting
  • Painted trim

If you’d like a more upscale renovation, however, be prepared to shell out $64,743, or more. Higher-end projects include a lot of customizations for cabinetry and lighting, plus upgrades such as a neo-angle shower with body spray fixtures and frameless glass enclosures.

Want a bathroom with universal design? The usual going rate for this type is $33,374. Enhancements include a wheelchair-accessible space, toilet replacement, thermostatic mixing valve, and reconfigured storage for greater accessibility.

Take note that these are just recent US national averages. Several factors may affect the final budget for every bathroom remodel, such as:

  • Flooring
  • Design
  • Layout
  • Size of the space
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical work
  • New features
  • Conversions
  • Existing issues, such as mold and mildew, water damage

On top of budget concerns, some homeowners hesitate to start bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles, CA, due to how long and how messy it can get. On average, it takes 23 days to complete a small bathroom remodel, assuming ideal circumstances with the work proceeding uniformly without problems or breaks.

Are you starting to get intimidated by these numbers? With Payless Bath Makeover, you don’t have to be! We will work with you to make sure that your remodel stays within your budget while turning your ideas into reality. Don’t go through weeks of pain, agony, and stress to remodel your bathroom. We have solutions that can help you get your new bathroom in days, not weeks, and within your budget!

Payless Bath Makeover: Beautiful, Fast, and Affordable Bathroom Remodeling

For over 30 years, Payless Bath Makeover has proven that bathroom renovations don’t have to be stressful, complicated, and overdrawn.

Allow us to turn your old bathroom into an elegant, functional space in as little as days, not weeks! The Payless Bath Makeover formula involves:

  • Assisting you with selecting the right styles, colors, and materials for your bathroom
  • Taking precise measurements of the project
  • Sending you an exact budget estimate down to the last cent; no surprise expenses here!
  • Sending our bathroom remodeling experts to finish the job on time and with no errors

Want significant discounts on your project? Head over to our Specials Page to see our available deals! With Payless Bath Makeover, the bathroom of your dreams doesn’t have to break the bank.

Choose us as your bathroom remodeling contractor in Los Angeles to see how easy and hassle free a bathroom makeover can be. For questions or to schedule a FREE consultation, call Payless Bath Makeover today at 888-389-9955.

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