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Top 4 Reasons Bathroom Remodeling in Glendale, CA Go Over Budget


There are many factors, both in and beyond your control, that can drive up your budget for bathroom remodeling in Glendale, CA. That is why before diving into your project, it’s crucial that you know what these factors are so you can take measures to keep them from affecting your costs.

Common Problems that Push Up Renovation Costs

A NetWorx article on bathroom remodeling statistics recommends having an additional 15-20% on top of any initial remodel cost estimate. The need for this budget allowance is not surprising given these issues:  

  • Delays

    Reasons for setbacks can be anything from the late delivery of materials to waiting for the availability of a contractor. Regardless of the reason, delays always burn budgets. They can, for instance, extend the time contractors need to remain on site, thus incurring additional costs. The same applies to any equipment you may have rented for your project.

  • Changing the Plan Midway

    Altering your remodeling plan in the middle of the job is a sure-fire way to bust your budget. Depending on the changes, it may involve:

    • Redrawing your entire plan
    • Reconfiguring your bathroom’s plumbing system
    • Reordering more materials and fixtures
    • Renting other renovation equipment
    • Hiring another contractor in case your first one doesn’t know how to implement the new changes you want

      Make sure you’re happy with your renovation plan before hiring a contractor.

  • Unforeseen Issues

    No matter how meticulous you are when planning your project, there are just some issues that you won’t be able to determine until work commences.Mismatched design is one of the most common issues. It usually happens when mixing and matching materials that are ordered online. For instance, some acrylic wall systems in Los Angeles may look good together on screen, but don’t look as tasteful once installed on your bathroom. Hidden water damage is another prevalent problem.

  • Purchasing Materials in Small Quantities

    You’re spending more than you’re saving when you purchase materials piece by piece. Not only are you spending more money ordering them, but you’ll also miss out on factory discounts.  There’s a huge risk that you’ll end up draining your budget on individual purchases before the project is complete.

The Two Golden Rules to Sticking to a Bathroom Remodeling Budget

Keeping your budget from skyrocketing is just a matter of following these guidelines:

  1. Establish what you want and stick to it.

    If you want to convert your tub into a shower, don’t consider other renovation solutions. Not only will it help you narrow down your options for shower conversion in Los Angeles, but it will also keep you from exceeding your budget.

  2. Be honest with your contractor.

    Tell them what you want and how much you’re willing to spend to achieve it at the start of your consultation. If they ask any questions about your bathroom’s history, don’t hold back on the details. Share past plumbing and design mishaps as well. In case you’re not that familiar with your plumbing system, let the contractor check it out before renovation.

Get You Dream Bathroom without Exceeding Your Budget

Rely on Payless Bath Makeover for expert bathroom remodeling in Glendale, CA! With our bathroom specialists on the job, you won’t have to worry about project delays, unforeseen issues, and other cost-boosting problems. Here’s why:

  • We offer impartial bathroom assessments.
  • We recommend the best budget-conscious remodeling options.
  • We help you decide on what fixtures and design to install.
  • We provide an accurate projected budget.
  • We offer a lifetime warranty on all our new showers, tubs, and wall surrounds.
  • We secure every material and equipment necessary before starting any renovation project.

In addition to these, we can complete your project in as little as ONE DAY, so you don’t have to wait long to enjoy your remodeled bathroom. Let us take care of your bathroom renovation project. Set your appointment and complimentary consultation with us today!

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