Begin Your Home Spa Makeover with Shower Installation in Los Angeles

Pampering yourself with a spa experience should not be an occasional indulgence. Set up a soothing home spa and experience this luxury anytime you want! All it takes is a one-day shower installation in Los Angeles plus a few clever design decisions, and you’ve got a bathroom that feels and looks like an expensive spa.

Easy Spa Makeover Tips for Your Bathroom

Enjoy your private sanctuary after these simple makeover steps:

  • Upgrade your shower head.

Consider switching to an oversized, round rain showerhead that’s very similar to a spa shower. It’s amazing how much difference a great shower makes.


In addition, a shower remodel in Los Angeles is much quicker and cheaper than a whole bathroom renovation. If you’re tired of your old bathtub and you want a sleek, elegant way to switch up the space, a shower remodel is the way to go.

  • Organize toiletries into a beautiful caddy.

Ever noticed how organized everything is in a spa? Copy the look with a small rustic basket to hold toiletries, or a chic wooden box for odds and ends. Pour your shampoos, lotions, and other products into decorative bottles that double as displays. Keep it uniform by selecting colors that complement or reflect the main theme of the bathroom.

  • Create a relaxing view.

Spas evoke a sense of escape and relaxation through visual cues. Enhance the aesthetics of the bathroom by hanging a nice, colorful painting of nature scenes on the wall. Love the beach? Place some seashells on the vanity, or have some fresh-cut flowers in one corner.

  • Install some crystal light fixtures.

Crystal light fixtures are a great way to make your bathroom look posh without spending on grand chandeliers and other expensive options. Consider replacing your bright bathroom light with gentler lighting and dimmer options to bring in a soothing ambiance to the space.

  • Play some music.

There’s nothing like some soft piano music or ambient sounds to get you in the mood to relax. Just buy some tiny speakers and place it somewhere in the bathroom that stays dry.

  • Fill the bathroom with your favorite scents.

Sweet smells are a must for any spa, and this goes for the bathroom as well. Infuse the space with fragrance using scented candles or solid fragrance bars. You can also buy your favorite essential oils and mist the room through a diffuser.

  • Splurge on high-quality bathroom essentials.

Go all out and replace your worn towels, bathroom slippers, and other essentials with high-quality alternatives. Spas are all about indulgence, and you deserve to wake up and feel like royalty every time you enter the bathroom.

One-Day Bathroom Design in Los Angeles

Excited about your personal spa? You don’t have to wait – we can do it in JUST ONE DAY! Yes, you read that right. We make one-day bathroom makeovers possible. Contact Payless Bath Makeover at 888-389-9955 and let’s discuss your shower, bathtub, or bathroom remodel today!