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Bathroom Care & Maintenance, Los Angeles CA

At Payless Bath Makeover, we understand the importance of maintaining the beauty and longevity of your bathroom remodel. That’s why we’re here to provide you with expert tips on caring for your quartz, porcelain, acrylic, and drains. Follow our simple guidelines to ensure your bathroom remains a stunning oasis for years to come.

Quartz and Porcelain: Impeccable Elegance Made Easy

To keep your quartz and porcelain panels looking pristine, a gentle touch is all you need. Begin by using mild soap and warm water, and wipe down the surfaces with a soft cloth. Avoid letting the cleaning solution dry, as this may leave residue behind. Remember, quick rinsing is key!

When facing stubborn stains, turn to the remarkable Soft Scrub Liquid Gel with Bleach. It’s a powerful ally that should be your go-to solution for difficult blemishes. We strongly advise against using bleach products or chemical cleaners containing ammonia and acids, as they can harm the quartz or porcelain surfaces.

Acrylic: A Symphony of Beauty and Durability

Your acrylic fixtures deserve the utmost care to preserve their shine and elegance. For everyday cleaning, create a mixture of mild soap, water, and a soft washcloth. We recommend using renowned brands like Dawn dish soap, Formula 409, and even Clorox Bleach (1/2 cup per gallon of water) to ensure optimal cleanliness and disinfection.

Avoid using harsh chemicals, as they can diminish the luster of the surface and, in some cases, cause unsightly chemical cracks. Stay away from:

  • Clean Shower for Plastic Showers & Glass
  • Original Clean Shower
  • Dow Scrubbing Bubbles
  • Dow Disinfectant Cleaner
  • Lysol Disinfectant Cleaner
  • Scrub Free
  • Soft Scrub
  • Ammonia-based products
  • Aerosol cleaners
  • Lestoil
  • Acetone
  • Nail polish remover
  • Scouring pads.

Remember, these could dull the acrylic’s natural gloss.

If you find that mild soap, water, and a washcloth are not sufficient, opt for products specifically designed for non-stick surfaces or Teflon. Trusted options like 3M Sponge Pad and Chore Boy Sponge provide excellent results while maintaining the integrity of your acrylic surfaces.

Drains: Keeping Things Flowing Smoothly

Maintaining your drains is crucial for ensuring optimal functionality in your bathroom. When it comes to drain cleaners, choose liquid options and steer clear of crystals and powders. Follow these simple steps for drain maintenance:

  1. Begin by draining any standing water from the bathtub.
  2. Utilize a funnel to pour the liquid drain cleaner directly into the drain.
  3. Ensure the cleaner does not come in contact with the acrylic surface.

Trust Payless Bath Makeover for Exceptional Bathroom Remodels

When it comes to bathroom remodeling in the greater Los Angeles, CA area, Payless Bath Makeover is your premier choice. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing top-notch service and transforming your bathroom dreams into reality. With our expert guidance on care and maintenance, you can enjoy your newly remodeled bathroom for years to come.

Contact Payless Bath Makeover today and let us help you create the bathroom of your dreams while ensuring its long-lasting beauty and functionality.

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Payless kitchens and baths did an immaculate job in remodeling the bathroom shower! My husband has bad knees and requires an upgrade from the shower/bath combo. We picked out what we wanted done and the fixtures and materials, colors we wanted to make it very assessable for him. Everyone was professional, on time, polite, and friendly. Within three days the work was completed!! I and my husband are extremely happy with the results! We recommend them 100%!! You won’t be sorry!!!

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I am so impressed by how fast payless bath remodeled my bathroom and installed my new shower. I love how professional their crew was and how efficient they were. 10/10 would highly recommend to all of my friends and family.

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Payless did an amazing job on my bathroom remodel that exceeded my expectations. Everyone I came in contact with from the sales consultants, my project manager Yeran, to the installers and contractors were friendly, hardworking and responsive. The job was completed on time with no surprises or hidden costs. I will definitely be using them in the future for my next bathroom renovation.

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