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Bathroom Accessibility Tips from Your Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Los Angeles


When the subject of bathroom accessibility comes up, most people immediately think of seniors or people with limited mobility. The truth is that everyone can benefit from the convenience and enhanced safety of a more accessible bathroom. Best of all, you don’t even need a major renovation to achieve this —a few simple updates such as a one-day shower remodel by a trusted bathroom remodeling contractor in Los Angeles are enough to make your bathroom easier and more comfortable to use for years to come.

Accessibility Tips for Your Bathroom Makeover

With an accessible bathroom, you’re ready for anything — a guest with a wheelchair, ease of use when you’re feeling under the weather, or keeping small children safe while using the bathroom. As your one-day bathroom remodeling contractor in Los Angeles, we can make it happen without much fuss, stress, and mess.

Keep these accessibility tips in mind during your bathroom remodel:

  • Switch to a handheld showerhead.

Change your fixed showerhead to a handheld one to accommodate both seated and standing bathers. It’s best to have a hose at least 60-inches tall for greater flexibility. Aside from making it easier to shower from any position, it’s also a safer way to bathe toddlers without straining yourself.

  • Add grab bars.

During your bathroom redesign, don’t forget to install grab bars near the shower, tub, and toilet for easy access to the fixtures. It’s an effective way to enhance the support and stability in your bathroom without undergoing a complicated renovation.

Worried that grab bars will bring down the aesthetics of your bath? Ask your bathroom contractor about available styles and finishes for grab bars to ensure both beauty and function.

  • Make your shower more universally accessible.

Create a smooth transition from the bathroom floor to the shower stall by opting for one with no raised entry. There are many ways to make this possible, such as having a custom-designed universal access shower or selecting a shower enclosure that can be easily installed during your bathroom remodel.

  • Go for a single-handed faucet.

For some people, it can be hard to twist the wrist or grasp the faucet tightly. Remove the challenge by choosing a single-handle faucet instead. There are also hands-free faucets in the market that have sensors to detect movement under the faucet for even simpler operation.

  • Add storage on the lower levels.

Not everyone is capable of reaching cabinets and shelves placed high on the wall. Improve both organization and accessibility by adding more storage on lower levels of the bathroom, such as beneath the sink or beside the vanity. Not only does it give you more room to store your toiletries and bathroom essentials, but it’s also a breeze to reach for small children, aging individuals, and more.

More Tips for Accessible Bathrooms

Aside from the practical changes above, you can also apply these tricks to enhance bathroom accessibility:

  • Install bath wall surrounds.

Increase beauty and function at the same time with wall surrounds for your bathroom design in Los Angeles. They offer an extra layer of protection for walls, and you can show off your style thanks to a wide range of colors, textures, and designs available.

  • Consider acrylic furnishings.

When it comes to accessibility, it’s also important to streamline the way you clean and maintain the bathroom. Acrylic bathroom furniture and furnishings are ideal for this job – because they are anti-bacterial, mold and mildew resistant, and grout-free, you save a lot of time and hassle when it comes to bathroom upkeep.

There’s no need to move to a new house or shell out a fortune to have an accessible bathroom. With Payless Bath Makeover by your side, it can take as little as ONE DAY to improve accessibility for both loved ones and guests you welcome in your home. For excellent shower and tub conversion in Los Angeles, call us at 888-389-9955 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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