Solve Grout Problems with Your Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Los Angeles

grout problems

grout problems

Don’t let dirty grout keep you from enjoying your bathroom! As your trusted bathroom remodeling contractor in Los Angeles, we will transform your bath space into a more beautiful, easier to maintain, and grout-free facility. Never worry about grout again with Payless Bath Makeover!

The Problem with Grout

Typically made of plaster or mortar, grout is used to fill in the gaps between floor tiles or walls. It is porous, so it quickly absorbs moisture and dirt. The result is stained, unsanitary outlines throughout the bathroom. When left on its own for long, grout can lead to:

  • Mold Buildup – Bacteria gets trapped in the tiny pores on the surface of the grout. This eventually turns into mold, which is a Class 1 health risk.
  • Tile Damage – Grout absorbs moisture easily. As your bathroom’s structure contracts and expands with heat, the grout can crack and cause leaks and broken tiles.
  • Ugly-Looking Bathroom – Grey or yellowing, stained grout makes any bathroom look old and dirty. It makes the space an unpleasant place to spend time in.
  • Money and Time Wasted – Cleaning and re-grouting by yourself is a difficult, time-consuming process. Fixing grout also requires expensive tools such as safety glasses, oscillating multi-tools, and shop vacuums. Without the right skills, you can do more harm than good to your bathroom.

Why spend all your time and effort on solving grout problems when you can leave the hard work to the experts? Secure Payless Bath Makeover’s professional bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles. We will make sure that you never have to deal with grout again!

The Grout-Free Solution for Your Bathroom

All our products here at Payless Bath Makeover —from our showers and wall surrounds to our quartz panels and other bathroom features—are completely grout-free. However, this doesn’t limit the wide range of styles we can do for your project. Love the look of tile or textured wall panels? Trust our remodeling experts to do it for you!

Our products also come with these amazing benefits:

✔  Resistance to mildew, mold, and bacteria

✔  Resistance to normal wear and tear

✔  Easy to clean and maintain

✔  Anti-microbial properties

✔  ADA-compliant systems

✔  Unmatched Lifetime Warranty for your total peace of mind

✔  Premium patterns, styles, and colors

Aside from grout-free designs, we also offer shower redesigns, wall surrounds, tub conversion in Los Angeles, and other bathroom remodeling services. Feel free to share your ideas about your dream bathroom, and we’ll do our best to turn it into a reality.

Enjoy a Grout-Free Bath Space with Payless Bath Makeover!

Never wait long for your brand-new bathroom when you choose us as your bathroom remodeling contractor in Los Angeles! Payless Bath Makeover specializes in remodels that take as little as days —not weeks— to complete. This is made possible through:

✔  Design guidance to help you choose the right styles, colors, and materials

✔  Precise measurements

✔  Exact budget details down to the last cent

✔  Expert remodeling techniques

✔  Highly experienced team

Experience our fast remodeling solutions in LA for yourself. Call Payless Bath Makeover at 888-389-9955 to set a complimentary consultation today!

Your Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Los Angeles Discusses the Top Reasons You Need to Get a Tub Conversion NOW!

bathroom design

bathroom design

Want to do something new with your old shower? Transform it into a feel-good spa! Consider converting your shower to a bathtub with the help of your trusted bathroom remodeling contractor in Los Angeles.

Tub conversion will not only enhance your bathroom’s function and visual appeal, but it will also transform your overall bath experience. What’s more, it takes professionals little time to complete — enjoy long, relaxing soaks a day or two after the conversion!

4 Compelling Reasons to Get a Tub Conversion

It’s time to change up your bath experience. Here are four solid reasons you should consider converting your shower space into a tub:

  1. A bathtub is more relaxing than a shower.

Studies show that taking a hot bath in a tub helps slow down aging, eliminate acne, reduce stress, and heal sore muscles. Best of all, you can do it in a seated position, which is more comfortable compared to standing up in a shower. The water instantly covers your body, unlike in a shower wherein the droplets fall off your body. The immediate submersion helps the soothing heat penetrate your body fast, amplifying the bath’s relaxing properties.  

  1. A bath setup is safer than a shower setup.

With a shower setup, there is an increased chance of slips and falls. The risk is higher for people who have trouble standing up since the shower space’s structure is not tailored to their needs. On the other hand, a tub allows its users to bathe in a seated position, automatically diminishing the danger for falls or slips.

  1. A tub is more child-friendly than a shower.

Most children enjoy taking a bath in a tub more than in a shower since it is more similar to a swimming pool. They enjoy the feeling of water covering their whole body, plus they can play with their rubber ducks and other water toys. Also, given their energy and playfulness, kids are more prone to slips and falls. The risks for such accidents are higher with a regular shower compared with a tub setup. That’s why, if you have little ones, getting a tub conversion in Los Angeles is definitely worth it!

  1. A tub conversion can increase your property value.

If you’re thinking of selling your house in the future, then having a tub can increase your resale value. Older people and families with young kids prefer homes with tubs because of their convenience. With nearly 34% of households in America converting their tubs to walk-in showers, having a tub is becoming such a rarity that bath fans are willing to pay top dollar for it. Use this to your advantage!

Get That Tub You’ve Always Dreamed Of!

Add an exciting new amenity to your bathroom and get the benefits of a good bath with shower to tub conversion.  Choose the leading bathroom remodeling contractor in Los Angeles for the job. Trust Payless Bath Makeover!

Our team is committed to creating a flawless, high-quality bath renovation for you, which may include:

  • Shower to bathtub conversion
  • Bathtub to shower conversion
  • Bathroom wall surrounds
  • All new plumbing fixtures
  • Demolition and disposal of old materials
  • And many more!

Get reasonably priced bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles done in as little as days, not weeks!. Call (888) 389-9955 NOW to schedule your complimentary consultation!

Increase Your Home’s Value with the Help of Your Trusted Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Los Angeles

bathroom remodeling-contractor

Bathrooms can make or break your home sale. A functional and aesthetically appealing bathroom can be one of the biggest selling points of your space, while its opposite can turn off potential homebuyers. In fact, according to trusted real estate agents and bathroom remodeling contractors in Los Angeles, bathroom renovations can increase your home value by at least sixty percent.

bathroom remodeling-contractor

Include your bathroom in your home remodeling project. Increase your space’s value with expert renovation tips from your trusted remodeling contractor.

Expert Value-Improving Renovation Tips for Your Bathroom

With smart tweaks here and there, your bathroom can add massive value to your house and lead to the best return on investment. Here are some expert bathroom remodeling tips to boost your home’s resale value:

  1. Check if you need a new layout.

Switch up the old layout and keep the design in tune with the times. While you may want a bathroom with a 1980s aesthetic, not all homebuyers are attracted period-specific styles. Visit websites with updated bathroom designs and go to home improvement showrooms. Doing so will give you an idea of what bathroom features and themes are in-demand, which you can use to promote your home value.

  1. Update your bathroom’s color scheme.

Use neutral colors such as gray or white for a cleaner and more modern look. While trendy and vibrant designs can make your space undeniably attractive, they also tend to go out of style fast.

Your objective is to create a timeless look for your bathroom so that it would attract homebuyers when the time comes. If your renovation project includes a tub or shower conversion in Los Angeles, change its color scheme by updating plumbing fixtures, shower pan or tub and walls surrounds.

  1. Create the illusion of a larger bathroom.

If you do not have the budget to expand your bathroom, make it appear more spacious than it is. Place brighter light fixtures to make the space look roomier. Use grout-less bath surrounds for your bathroom walls. A grout free panel will reduce the build up of mildew and mold and will make it easy to clean and maintain. Consult your bathroom remodeling contractor in Los Angeles to get expert advice on what tile type will work best for your space.

  1. Keep your bathroom eco-friendly.

Nowadays, homebuyers prefer places with environment-friendly features. Cater to this preference by installing energy-saving fixtures. For example, if you are updating your shower, choose one that comes with water-saving options. Don’t forget the design. Whatever eco-friendly plumbing fixtures you install should look sleek and timeless for future homebuyers.

Remember that you are remodeling your bathroom not just for yourself, but also for your home’s future owner. Don’t base your renovation choices solely on your preference. Follow these tips and remodel your space according to what your market wants.

Remodel Your Bathroom to Boost Your Home Sale!

Need expert assistance with your renovation project? We at Payless Bath Makeover can help you design and develop a bathroom that will give your place incomparable value.

Our years of experience with shower and bathtub replacement in Los Angeles have made numerous homes become hot commodities on the market. We make it easy by offering a package that includes demo and disposal, new plumbing fixtures, a new shower pan or tub and new walls surrounds.

Be ready and call us at (888) 389-9955 to schedule an in-home consultation for your bathroom remodel!

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