Budget-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling in Southern California

Having a limited budget shouldn’t stand in the way of bathroom remodeling in Southern California. With the help of an expert bathroom remodeling contractor, all it takes is some creativity to maximize every dollar. Here are awesome design tricks that prove you don’t need a grand budget to create a grand bathroom!

Almond Wave Bath and Shower Base with Capri Walls and Oil

  • Focus on the Bathtub and Shower
  • No matter how much you spend on bathroom remodeling, a grimy shower or a chipped, rusty bathtub will quickly drag the look down. That’s why it’s a good idea to begin with a bathtub replacement or a shower remodel in Los Angeles. If your bathtub and shower look fresh, clean, and modern, it only takes a few more touches to complete the facelift.

  • Use Open Shelving
  • The labor, construction, and material costs make built-in storage an expensive option. If that’s not in your price range, kill two birds with one stone by going for open shelving instead.

    Open shelves give you a place to store your bath accessories and double as a visual focal point. Use paint that goes with the general theme of your bath, dress it up with some metallic brackets, and display your best bath accessories to create a visual highlight.

  • Limit Your Use of Tiles
  • Tiling your entire bathroom for the sake of design can be expensive. The thing is, it’s not even necessary! A budget-friendly way to use tiles is to place them in a strip along the walls. This makes for a vibrant yet affordable backsplash that lets you showcase those beautiful tiles without draining your wallet.

  • Look into the Details
  • The smallest changes can make the biggest impact when it comes to affordable bathroom remodeling. For instance, people often overlook the design value of fixtures like sink faucets, light features, drawer pulls, and towel racks. But done right, they can pull the look together.

    If you’d like a sleek, elegant look, metallic tones will work well for that effect. Your remodeling contractor can also suggest some design themes that incorporate matching wall surrounds and fixtures. Fixtures are the perfect place to take creative risks without overwhelming the whole place.

  • Light It Up
  • It’s incredible how much the artful use of light can completely transform any space. For example, hanging a sconce over your vanity will inject this functional area with charm. Ambient lighting will instantly transform your bath time into a private spa.

  • Use Mirrors
  • Give your bathroom a bright, airy ambiance by installing a huge mirror. It’s a tried-and-tested trick that seasoned interior designers use for cramped spaces. You can also look for mirrors with lovely frames or unique designs to maximize the effect.

No Stress, No Hassle — Just a Lovely, Relaxing Bathroom for You!

Time is money when it comes to cost-effective bathroom remodeling. You want as little time as possible dealing with the stress, hassle, and mess of construction, and more time enjoying your bathroom.

At Payless Bath Makeover, we can complete your bathroom remodeling project in less than one day! We offer bathtub conversion and shower conversion in Los Angeles, plus many more ways to upgrade a bathroom. Interested in how we do it? Let’s set up your free consultation, and we’ll be happy to explain how we make this possible!